Hermann Fleischlos Bratwurst (4 / 4)

Hermann Fleischlos Bratwurst

Such a mush!
In the production of Hermann's sausages instead of meat, high-quality organic mushrooms (herb patties) are used as a basis. Completely without E numbers, additives and aromas, summer barbecues are becoming more varied for vegetarians. Seared with mustard and bread - a hit!
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Written by Helmut Melzer

As a longtime journalist I have long asked myself the question, which would actually make sense from a journalistic point of view. My answer to that you can see here: Option. To show alternatives in an idealistic way - for positive developments of our society. In April 2014, the option Printmagazine (and Option Online) appeared for the first time, and still exists today - despite all the challenges. In May 2018 launched Option as a social network.

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